Favorite Vintage Medals – NFS



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Sunday, November 21st, 2010

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Silver, Vintage

Favorite Vintage Medals – NFS


st michael open

mary gold and silverrose leaf mary

st michael 1st michael 2

grenovilleholy communion

marcasite braceletclear rosary with blue medal

sliding bluehelen

fourviere mop 1fourviere mop 2

rosary 1rosary 2

copper medalchalice

st remyfleur

lourdes congress 1lourdes congress 2

moonstonepink tourmaline

andree 1andree 2

penin angelexceptional

ecce panismazzoni 2


guardian angelround gold

thornsmary bleu

ornate communionordination medal

chalice crossgold and silver

st therese bowfhc

scroll2 medals

wild rosemary communion

gold and silver commmbecker 2

maribowJesus Communion

joan chalcedonyimm concp

carmel 1chalice

mary and jesusblue brooch

filigreestained glass mary

mary fleurjesus fleur

mary cross rosesst joe 2

pearl 1st anthony


mary rosest joseph

fourviere newmary flower

gold communioncross mary


spanishcommunion pair

pink and yellowblue post

ave maria revisedrosary

french black medalgold medal

green rosaryblack spot rosary

mary dropsysolid silver

st anne mop revisedsword flame

ornate maryst anne heart

blue oval marcasiteblue OLPH

sacred heart broochmedal collection

sliding lourdesmedal trio for JOD

anne marcasitelily of the valley

dualart deco mary

mop crosssh

mop 1mop 2

enamel mary 1flower mary 2

fourviere medalmedal bracelet 2

turquoise slidingpillar mary

joanmarcasite filigree

light and dark blue medalinlay locket

blue lourdescommunion duo


large maryjesus and mary

virgo mariaholy communion

blue duoanchor

large mary marcasitedouble

caged marymary immaculate 1

nacre 1mary heart

olphst j

fourviere medalblue trio

mary crossrosary duo

saints braceletpurple medal

dual medalsst therese cross

il_570xN_471964719_103qgold mary resized

becker 1becker 2

shellst therese

blue book 1blue book 2

brass rosarysalette

communion medalcommunion medal 1


sliding 1sliding 2

aqualast supper

mary 3mary 6

mary 1mary 2

eucharist - jodeucharist 2

chapletmedal bracelet 6

st thereseway of the cross

book 1book 2

penin 2penin 1


chalicesancta maria

mother and childmop st chris

mopflower medal

purple rosaryave maria



mopmarcasite cross necklace

mary heart 2color medal

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